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      Jewels Sage founder, educator and entrepreneur, LD Brien is driven by a unique yet decidedly simple key vision; to offer beautiful, quality jewelry that makes sense. The stylish designs, quality stones and materials are a part of an ethical collection. Driven by a need to move away from mainstream ideas and introduce a new lens for the future of jewelry.

      With the Jewels Sage collection consumers are reminded to maintain an appreciation of the beauty, longevity, and quality of jewelry. They are also encouraged to move a step further and remain mindful of the ethics of the craft. This vision motivated a search for ethically-sourced jewelry. The goal - to minimize the impact of production on human rights and the environment, and simultaneously eliminate societal pressures to spend BIG in an industry where value perception is the only driver.

      Jewelry is a multi-billion-dollar industry where natural diamonds and gold are the pinnacle of beauty. When the journey to replace these stones with ethical alternatives began, the underlying question always remained – are these alternatives good enough? Overwhelmingly, the answer to the question was yes. With modern technology, the ability to simulate the brilliance of natural diamonds and other natural stones had arrived. The beauty of nature can now be appreciated without it being destroyed.

      The Jewels Sage collection is of high quality precious metals and dazzling lab grown diamond, stone or diamond simulant or swarovski crystal for all occasions. We believe that cost does not equal beauty, after all the most heart capturing sights in nature are free. Our stunning jewels are perfectly priced so that you can appreciate a beautifully crafted jewel without compromising on quality.